About This Site


Why use a Learning Platform (LP)?


A Learning Platform (LP) is “a generic term to describe a system of information and communication technologies that is used to deliver and support leaning” (DfES).


The term Learning Platform refers to a combination of IT services that support learning and teaching to enable more effective ways of working within and outside the classroom environment.


Key benefits of using Moodle include:


- it offers communication and collaboration tools
- it allows for anytime, anywhere learning
- it supports extended learning activities
- it encourages group engagement
- it promotes personalised learning
- it promotes inclusion
- it allows for effective learner progress monitoring and tracking


The DCSF Next Generation Learning 2008-2014 Strategy sets out the government's targets for ensuring that better use is made of ICT to improve standards, learners' motivation and engagement in learning and use of teachers' time.


This Moodle* site is currently being developed collaboratively between Knowsley Family and Community Education (Knowsley FACE) and Sefton Adult and Community Learning Service. We hope to eventually provide all our learners with interesting online learning resources which help extend their learning beyond the classroom.

As these 2 Local Authority services are active members of the Learn Together Partnership (LTP) other members will be invited to contribute to the sites development in due course.

*What is a MOODLE?


A Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or a Learning Platform.