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  • Knowsley Family And Community Education (FACE) welcomes you to our Learning Platform

    Link to the Course Guide:

    Knowsley FACE courses commencing in September 2015 (revised course listing)

    Enrolment, Induction and Initial Assessment for September courses takes place week commencing Monday 14th September

    For advice and guidance please call:

    0151 443 2026/2052/2066/2067

    We make every effort to ensure the information in our guide is correct at the time of print, however,details can and do change

    Our guide provides details of when you can enrol throughout the year. Please enquire on any of the numbers listed on this page

  • *Help us to help you*

    Do you have any suggestions for other courses that would be of interest to you or a local community group? If so, contact the FACE team on any of the numbers given above.

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